Learn How To Market Your Website Online With Google Adwords

Have you heard about PPC (Pay Per Click) before?
Well, today I will show you how to drive great number of people to your website from search engines, and to be more specific, from Google.
Google has become one of the leading search engines in the world (if not the best), Google offers a simple way for the webmasters who are looking for a quick and effective way to generate (Targeted Traffic) to their websites with the lowest cost possible.
Google AdWords
Targeted Traffic means that your site will only receive new visitors who are highly interested in your product or service. Therefore, Google has introduced a service called Google AdWords which is based on PPC advertising model to help you market your web site on Google as long as you can invest!
You (as an advertiser) will only pay Google if they deliver a new visitor to your website, the visitor has to click on a pre-written text ad which you made by yourself (also known as Text Advertising). So, Google AdWords will charge you for every successful click-through that lead a new visitor to your web site.
What does PPC mean?
-Pay Per Click.
-Advertising model in which advertisers pay for click-throughs to their website. Ads are served based on keywords or themes.
-Online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying click-through.
-Pay Per Click. This is an advertising option in which the advertiser has typically a small textual ad on a search engine site and pays only if a user clicks on the link in the ad.
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Affiliate Marketing – How to Market Your Website For Free

Affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the best ways for making money online. This is mainly because there are a number of ways to promote the product, which you are trying to advertise as an affiliate marketer.
Many people think that a website is very much essential in this business. But, the fact is that you don’t even need your own website for making money through affiliate business internet program, although having a website would be useful. Some of the effective ways to advertise your website without incurring any expenses are given below:

Article Marketing: This type of promotion is regarded the one of the best and oldest ways for driving traffic. Article marketing will be helpful for you in building backlinks to your affiliate marketing website. All you have to do is to just write an article about the service or product, which you wish to promote and submit it to different article directories available in the internet. Apart from article directories, you can also submit your articles to web 2.0 sites. Article marketing can be done free of cost and many successful affiliate marketers has approved this as the best way to promote the affiliate business. But, when you are using article marketing do not forget to provide a link to your website so that interested people can visit your it and can also purchase the product promoted there.
Forums: Another effective way to advertise is the use forums. For instance, if you are promoting electronics products, you can join forums related to electronics. People on these forums might already be looking for the electronic products for meeting their requirements. But, you should be careful while using forums because you cannot make people to buy your products by over promoting it or by spamming. So, be honest while advertising and try to clear the doubts about your product without always promoting your product. Do not forget to provide a link to your website in your signature.
Social networking: Nowadays, social networking websites are becoming more and more popular. So, you can use this wonderful opportunity for advertising your affiliate marketing product. You can start networking with a lot of people through these sites.

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How to Promote Your Website With Guerrilla Marketing

I’ve always wanted to use Guerrilla Marketing in some way and always wondered if it would work for advertising a website.
What is Guerrilla Marketing?
Guerrilla marketing is marketing using your imagination, energy and a lot of time. It takes away from the conventional methods of promoting a product or service and goes with something much more wild and unconventional. This includes reaching out to people by doing unexpected things in unexpected places.
Using It for Websites, Would It Work?
There is nothing to suggest that Guerrilla Marketing wouldn’t work in this market, because all it involves is doing some out of the ordinary. So if for example I Google wanted to advertise their new clothing range (far fetched I know!) they could rent out a side of a building in the centre of London and stick their clothes up onto the wall. These clothes would be positioned so that they would spell out ‘Google’. Not only would people be able to see it, but they would also be intrigued to why clothes were being used. They would probably then head over to Google and search for it, resulting in another customer for Google.
What I have just said shows that Guerrilla Marketing would work for a website, because it is just the same as a company which operates in a high-street store. However, what I would like to look into more is whether Guerrilla Marketing would work for a website, on the web.
Guerrilla Marketing for Websites on the Web
What I mean by this is doing something out of the ordinary on the internet. This is what started my thinking, because, can you really do crazy things on the internet? Yes, you can put a weird video on YouTube, make a song about your company and release it for free. But all of these things have been done so many times before; can we really still call it Guerrilla Marketing?
This is where I become stumped. I really can’t think of any methods of Guerrilla Marketing on the internet. But maybe this is where this all comes together. It’s about doing new and exciting things, which will get people interested in your product. So to achieve this, you need to come up with something which can be used effectively online and will create the kind of effect which I mentioned above.
Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things
It’s a common saying, and one which is actually true. If you do have a new marketing idea, just go for it because it will allow you to try out news things and hopefully achieve something you weren’t really expecting. In my opinion crazy ideas are always the best. Everyone sticks to the same old routine every day and this means we become tired of doing it. This is the same with marketing, once I have seen it, I don’t want to see it again, yet this happens all the time. Guerrilla Marketing is a way of changing that, adding something new to the equation to, in some ways, show off.
Why Use It For Websites?
As well as what I have just mentioned, this type of marketing can also be a lot cheaper than any other method, especially if you can think of something you can do totally by yourself. An example of this where companies went around London writing their company names on the floor, cheap and easy to so, but it gets great publicity. If you can think of something which can do this, then not only will you save loads of money on advertising, but you will virtually gain free visitors. The only thing to do this is time, and as always this can be a problem.
To conclude, Guerrilla Marketing is a great way of getting your name out there, into the world. The problem is its hard to think about something new and exciting, but if you to, you’ve struck gold. I don’t want people to see this post as ‘I need to do some Guerrilla Marketing now!’, but as more as an incentive to try and think a bit more creatively when trying to market your online business.
Simon Duck has a keen interest in management and computing and uses these skills to try and help others and make money. He started Profit Duck to try and get the basics ideas of business into the open, whilst building on them with his own ideas. As well as this you can follow his story of trying to make money his own way.

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